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Honors Living Learning Community

Are you going to join the honors program? If yes, why not live with other honors students in the Honors LLC! Being part of the Honors curriculum can be challenging at times. Joining the Honors LLC means you will be living with other students who understand the challenges associated with being part of the Honors program.

Honors LLCLLC Location

Coronna Hall


  • To apply for the Honors LLC, students must have an ACT composite score of 26 or higher (SAT New-1310; SAT Old-1240). Please review the 2023-2024 Living Learning Community Expectations.
  • Students must participate in 3 of 6 honors LLC events during the year. These dates will be provided at LLC orientation. These events are planned to create group cohesiveness since the Honors LLC is not in UNIV 100 together.

Required Majors

Students in this LLC must join the University Honors Program.

Course Connections

Honors LLC students will take a UNIV 100 Honors section of their choice:

Fall:  UNIV 100 - Freshman Seminar

Events and Programs

  • Debate event
  • Quiz bowl
  • Pizza Party   
  • UL Art Museum Opening
  • Freshman Mixer 
  • Laser Tag
  • Ice Cream Social 
  • CC’s Pizza 
  • Splatterbeat
  • Ice Skating     
  • Movie Night  
  • Sneaux Day   
  • Clayfish Bisque
  • Bowling
  • Gattitown
  • Kart Ranch
  • Fright Trail
  • Trivia Night
  • Zumba Night
  • Potluck Dinner

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