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Syllabus Templates for Fall 2022

Syllabus Checklist

Course Calendars Fall 2023

UNIV 100 Mini-Grants

Additional funding is available to individual sections of UNIV 100 in order for students to partake in special projects, field trips, and purchase UNIV 100 Showcase supplies. In order to request such funding, please complete the application and wait for approval from the Office of First-Year Experience.  Please DO NOT pay for anything without having received approval from the OFYE.  The OFYE is not able to reimburse instructors for purchases made without prior approval. The Mini Grant application will open on August 1, 2023. You can find the form using this link

UNIV 100 Showcase

The UNIV 100 Showcase is a great way to show off your First-Year Seminar student's individual and group projects. Information about Showcase is available here.

Focus 2 Workshops

What is Focus 2?

Focus 2 is an online, self-guided, interactive program designed to help students explore majors & careers. Within Focus 2, students will complete 5 different self-assessments, combine self-assessment results for a tailored list of majors & career matches, and create a Portfolio to serve as a guide to aid in career decision making.

What is covered in a Focus 2 and You: Exploring Your Results Workshop?

Our one-day workshop will help students critically evaluate their Focus 2 Portfolio and results (must be completed before workshop-see below). Students will have the opportunity to participate in an individualized activity to showcase the variety of factors to consider when selecting a major and career path. Career development resources available in the Major & Career Exploration Center in Career Services will also be discussed.

How do students register and navigate Focus 2?

A PDF guide to help students register and navigate the assessment will be provide when workshops are scheduled. Students will be expected to complete the Focus 2 assessment before our workshop date.

When and where are workshops held?

Workshops are typically held during normal class times. We are also excited to welcome students for Focus 2 Workshops in Career Services (104 Agnes Edwards Hall) this semester. However, if adjustments need to be made, I will contact you immediately. Thank you for your understanding.

Please request the Focus 2 workshop, Focus 2 and You: Exploring Your Results, through the following online form.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at or contact me at 482-1444.

Peer Mentors

The UNIV 100 course utilizes a Peer Mentor program to aid in the successful transition of new students by connecting them with upper-division students who serve as role models, mentors, and resources. Peer Mentors are chosen via a competitive selection process. They receive training to help them prepare for their roles as mentors. We make every effort to match peer mentors and instructors based on interest in the course material and schedule availability. Peer Mentors serve as resources, not as teaching assistants. Instructors and Peer Mentors meet prior to the start of the semester to discuss expectations for the semester.

Library Resources

UNIV 100 sections are invited to bring their students to Dupré Library for an informational session on library resources. Sessions can be general or specifically tailored to the content of your course or a specific assignment. Librarian Jennifer Hamilton, the UNIV 100 instructional liaison, will help develop a session that fits your course needs. To schedule a session, contact Jennifer in her office (153 Dupré), at (337) 482-1160, or

Attendance and Grade Checks

The university uses Student Success Manager to let students know they are at risk of failing a course. There will be an attendance check early in the semester and three semester grade checks. All UNIV 100 instructors must to participate in these checks. A notification for the check will be sent via email along with further instructions on completion. The student will be sent an email informing them of the at-risk status. It is worthwhile to inform your class when the grade checks are happening to let them to be on the lookout for e-mails regarding their status.