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Peer Mentor Program



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What is the Peer Mentor Program?

The Peer Mentor Program is an organization that supports first-year students and is led by upperclassmen. Peer Mentors support new students throughout their whole first semester and often develop lifelong friendships! Peer Mentors volunteer throughout the semester to become a role model and class facilitator for a small group of freshmen enrolled in a UNIV 100 first-year seminar class. These classes are designed to help students successfully transition to college life after high school. Peer Mentors attend UNIV 100 with their group of students and provide in and out of class assistance. Peer Mentors help the instructor by being a class facilitator and role model. Often Peer Mentors contribute personal experiences to the class, lead discussions, help students with challenges in their first semester, develop relationships with students in the class, and help students to get involved at UL, which supports the Peer Mentor’s goal in supporting learning for first-year students and easing their transition into the university. 

Who Are Peer Mentors?

Peer Mentors are students who provide advice, guidance, and CONNECTION to first-year students.To qualify to be a Peer Mentor, you must have at least 12 completed credit hours, have a cumulative 2.5 GPA, and a helpful disposition! Our program looks for students eager to make a difference and provide assistance to new students. 

The Peer Mentor Program also has a student-led leadership team. The Development Coordinator for the Peer Mentor Program works to provide training, development, and educational opportunities for Peer Mentors. The Administrator Coordinator works to ensure organizational functionality, including matching Peer Mentors to sections of UNIV 100. Our team also has an amazing group of Lead Peer Mentors, who are experienced student leaders and have previously served in the Peer Mentor role. These Lead Peer Mentors lead small groups of new and returning Peer Mentors, offering them guidance and support throughout their experience. You can learn more about the Peer Mentor Program Leadership Team here.


Why Should I Become a Peer Mentor?

Becoming a Peer Mentor is a very rewarding experience! Not only will you help students find their home here at UL Lafayette, but you can also qualify for a number of awesome benefits:

  • Priority scheduling
  • Earn up to 180 volunteer hours per year (90 volunteer hours per semester)
  • Gain valuable career readiness skills and receive numerous opportunities to expand your leadership development
  • Network with peers from across the University
  • Receive small group mentorship from a Lead Peer Mentor
  • Make lifelong friends and help students adjust to college 


What is the Time Commitment for the Peer Mentor Program?

Our Peer Mentors are required to attend each class day of their assigned section of UNIV 100. This typically looks like 3 hours a week for each Peer Mentor. However, we encourage our Peer Mentors to attend outside of class programming with their students. Overall, the Peer Mentor Program is what you make of it! We always say, the more you put into it - the more you'll get out of it!

How Do I Become a Peer Mentor?

Step 1. Students can apply to the Peer Mentor Program once they have accumulated 12 credit hours. Students must have and maintain a 2.5 semester and cumulative GPA to qualify for the program.

Step 2. After completing an initial application, students go through a series of group interviews to assess their strengths and weaknesses. Group Interviews consist of activities designed to assess students’ communication, teamwork, and leadership skills. Following Group Interviews, an Individual Interview may be required of applicants.

Step 3. If selected, Peer Mentors will meet their small groups, a support system meant to serve as a space to discuss ideas, training topics, and more, at a required Retreat during the Spring semester. These small groups are led by Lead Peer Mentors. You can meet the 2021 Lead Peer Mentors here!

Step 4. New Peer Mentors are also required to complete an in-person training over the summer. This training helps prepare students to become mentors for first-time freshmen. Following training, there will be a required social event held in August before the Fall semester begins. Peer Mentors will be assigned to their UNIV 100 classes mid to late summer.


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  • Info Session dates will be available soon!


  • Peer Mentor Applications: February 9th- 24th, 2022
  • Peer Mentor Group Interviews: Sunday, March 6th, 2022. Candidates will be informed after the initial application review. 
  • Peer Mentor Retreat: To Be Determined
  • Peer Mentor Summer Social: To Be Determined

LEAD Peer Mentors must be present for the following: 

  • LEAD Retreat 
  • Spring Cajun Connection 
  • Peer Mentor Group Interviews - March 20, 2022 at 10:00 am to 1:00 pm 
  • Peer Mentor Retreat - April 9, 2022 from 9am-12:30pm (Session A) and 2pm-5:30pm (Session B)


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