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Travel, Language, and Culture Living Learning Community

The Travel, Language, and Culture LLC explore world culture through food, music, art, languages, travel, study abroad, and festivals. If you are curious about the world around you then this LLC is for you. Take advantage of opportunities with UL and Lafayette's international communities.

Entrance Requirements

There is no ACT requirement for this LLC. Please review the 2023-2024 Living Learning Community Expectations.

Required Majors

This LLC is open to all majors.

Course Connections

Travel, Language, and Culture LLC students will take the following classes together:

Fall:  UNIV 100 - Freshman Seminar (view the LLC Learning Objectives for UNIV 100)
Fall:  HIST Selected by OFYE
Do not schedule a Humanities elective in the fall.

Spring:  MUS 104 - Music Appreciation: History of American Popular Music

Events and Programs