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Fall 2019 UNIV 100 Showcase Projects

Project 1

Course: Photography: History Reframed
Category: Creative / Arts
Project Title: The Freshman Collective Experience

Project Description: A series of photographs taken over the course of the semester that represent the collective experience of freshmen at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

The Freshman Collective Experience - Project 1

Project 2

Course: Mastering the First Year
Category: Humanities / Social Science
Project Title: We are Z!

Project Description: The students in the class made a video presentation about Generation Z...the generation that they would classify themselves as.  In the video, less than 10 minutes in length, they will do brief interviews and make brief statements informing the audience about their generation and celebrating their role in the future and the diverse nature of this generation.

We Are Z! - Project 2

Student Contributors: Kyrah Alexander, Brenden Berggren, Brandon Dorsey, Javen Draper, Justin Du, Torie Gaillard, Antonio Graffagnino, Heidi Hebert, Will Hester, Mckenzie Kemp, Chase Lasseigne, Michelle Louviere, Rianna Matthews, Anne Maturin, Elana Powell, Zachary Repath, Joseph Romero, Akil Smith, Serena Smith, Skylar Taylor, Allison Viguerie, Elizabeth Walters, Destin Ware

Project 3

Course: Self-Care 101
Category: Humanities / Social Science
Project Title: Recipes for Wellness

Project Description: Based on research, experience, and previous class assignments, each student will select a self-care method significant to herself/himself. Each student will develop an attractive and informative “recipe” page describing the self-care method including an introductory paragraph description, step-by-step guide, ingredients, time required, etc. The instructor will compile all the “recipes” into a collective book to submit for the UNIV 100 Showcase.

Recipes for Wellness - Project 3

Student Contributors: Jordan Arseneaux, Rachel Ball, Hattie Broussard, Caroline Brown, Claire Cronin, Chloe Deville, Kristyn Erwin, Emma Foret, Rionne George, Isabelle Giardina, Zoie Herrera, Madison Hicks, Onyinyechi Ihesiulo, Hallie Jackson, Whitlee Jackson, Casey Jones, Savannah Kornegay, Seth Kramer, Emily Martin, Jasmine Morgan, Aryana Sevilla, Rhea Umbach, Franklin Winn, Jessica Waddell (peer mentor)

Project 17

Course: Mastering the First Year
Category: Creative / Arts
Project Title: Quotes to Live By / Future Dreams

Project Description: Students held up either a favorite quote of theirs or what their future dream is.

Quotes to Live By/Future Dreams - Project 17

Student Contributors: Amber Esprite, Ben Hymel, Elizabeth Matthews, Emelie Richard, Faith Marker, Hannah Jacquet, Jailee Menard, Jonathan Nguyen, Kalyn Picard, Kavan Pickney, Kyle Boodoo, Madison Lebreron, Madison Brown, Nader Ajin, Ryley Kleive, Tate Buller, Traeylyn Brasseau, Allison Guillot, Savannah Pitre

Project 22

Course: Wanderlust, Wayfaring, and Adventure
Category: Creative / Arts
Project Title: Adventures in Louisiana

Project Description: Photo essay/ video on little known places in Louisiana

Adventures in Louisiana - Project 22

Student Contributors: Victoria Hicks

Project 39

Course: Utopia & Dystopia
Category: Humanities / Social Science
Project Title: Neo-Floridius

Project Description: Neo-Floridius is a plan for a utopian society. It emerged out of the ashes of a global nuclear war that destroyed civilization and turned the Earth into a radioactive wasteland. Neo-Floridius is informed by the values of happiness, well-being, and tolerance. It is located in the remains of what was the state of Florida. It practices social democracy and immediate recall of political leaders. Education, healthcare, and housing are freely provided by the government and paid for by progressive taxes. Maternity leave is paid for up to one year. There is no standing military. The economy uses cryptocurrency and everyone who works receives credit. Neo-Floridians celebrate three major festivals to consolidate their culture: the First Harvest in Spring; the Midyear Bonfire in Summer; and the Last Moon in Winter.

Neo-Floridius - Project 39

Student Contributors: Angelique Schmidt, Olivia Ashley, Andy Nguyen, Emily Savell, and John Arceneaux

Project 40

Course: Utopia & Dystopia
Category: Humanities / Social Science
Project Title: Isonomia-Educare

Project Description: Isonomia-Educareis a future utopian society. It values equality and education above all. Isonomia-Educare is built on the principles of a commonwealth. There is no private property or money. All land and resources are shared by the community. Care is given to maintaining the natural environment, such as by using renewable energy sources.Toleration is highly valued.


This project includes both a PDF and a 3D tour of the utopia built in Minecraft by one of the students - Project 40

Student Contributors: Harley Meyers, Peyton Melancon, Trevion Collins, Christian Seymore, Matthew Courville

Project 44

Course: American Dream in Film & Music
Category: Creative / Arts
Project Title: DILUTED - A short film about the college American Dream

Project Description: This short film explores the complexities of the American Dream confronting Generation Z college students. The course explored the often contradictory aspects of the American Dream throughout history as depicted in film and music, and examined how this trajectory shaped contemporary perspectives. Groups were charged with documenting the American Dream here at UL in 2019 through some form of video medium, and this group chose to write, produce and direct an original film. They developed the concept, wrote the script, designed the sets & costumes (including body paint) , filmed at various locations, and edited an 8 minute and 39 second film.

DILUTED - A short film about the college American Dream - Project 44

Student Contributors: Haley Kober, Meredith Privat, Treve Venable

Project 69

Course: Geographies of Food
Category: Humanities  / Social Science
Project Title: Class Recipe Book

Project Description: Students developed semester-long projects based on their favorite meals. Students researched the food system of their meal, tracing how and where the different ingredients are produced, processed, and shipped. Their final papers discussed the environmental impacts and social significance of the meals and their production systems. Students designed these recipe pages in order to share their recipes and some of their research.

Class Recipe Book - Project 69

Student Contributors:  Aaron Foster, Mckenna Latour, Willie Briggs, Alec Freyou, Tien Nguyen, Katherine Giroir, Javin Rene, Damarius Pradier, Charlaigha Morris, Nathan Schenk, Tristyn Thomas, Bryson Hammond

Project 89

Course: Mainstream Science
Category: Science / Technical
Project Title: Evidence and Forensics in Rape and Murder Cases

Project Description: A presentation identifying the forensics behind how evidence is gathered, secured, preserved, and utilized in rape and murder cases.

Evidence and Forensics in Rape and Murder Cases - Project 89, Student Contributors: Noah Hall, Fallon Benoit, and Chameah Strowder

Project 90

Course: Mainstream Science
Category: Science / Technical
Project Title: The Heart and Heart Diseases

Project Description: With millions of American suffering from heart disease, it is important to know more about the heart and caring for your heart. This presentation provides information about the heart, its functions, heart diseases, and how to live a productive life when you have a coronary disease.

The Heart and Heart Diseases - Project 90, Sudent Contributors: Morgan Dunkley, Ryan Young, and Gage Etie

Project 91

Course: Mainstream Science
Category: Science / Technical
Project Title: Eating Disorders Among College Students

Project Description: College students in particular have a higher chance of developing an eating disorder due to the amount of stressors present in their lives. This presentation explains the causes of eating disorders, identifies types of eating disorders, and treatment options. 

Eating Disorders Among College Students - Project 91, Student Contributors: Makenzie Abshire, Kyra Carli, and Morgan DeMary

Projects for Course: World Cultures & Clothing
Category: Research Papers

Project Description: Students conducted a case study of a chosen country in the world and used various levels and types of research resources: CIA website, journal articles, travel guides, newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias, personal interviews, blogs, youtube and other internet sources.

Student researched: 1) Country's culture and clothing worn; 2) Why the people in the country wear the clothing they do; 3) Presented a power point slide lecture demonstrating an appreciation of global diversity.

# 72Kenya: Clothing & Culture - Project 72, Student Contributors: Sha'Terra Martin and Justice J. Modisette

# 71Ireland: Culture and Clothing - Project 71, Student Contributors: Hannah Page and Amanda K. Wiggins

# 68Maldives: Culture and Clothing - Project 68, Student Contributors: Kaira M. Tamplain

# 66Egypt: Culture and Clothing - Project 66, Student Contributors: Isabel K. Stonis

# 65France: Culture and Clothing - Project 65, Student Contributors: Celia A. Theaux

# 63Barbados: Culture and Clothing - Project 63 Student Contributors: Kyla L. Campbell

# 62Morocco: Culture and Clothing - Project 62  Student Contributors: Marieanne E. Lancon

# 54Mexico: Culture and Clothing - Project 54 Student Contributors: Clavern Adams

# 61Italy: Culture and Clothing - Project 61 Student Contributors: Alayna Mazerole

# 60Philippines: Culture and Clothing - Project 60 Student Contributors: Madeline Miller and Abigayle Rainey

# 56Bahamas: Culture and Clothing - Project 56 Student Contributors: Shamar Lanceslin