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Engineering Living Learning Community

If engineering is your career aspiration, then take a closer look at the Engineering LLC. It provides extra support and services for College of Engineering students.

LLC Location

Coronna Hall

Entrance Requirements

To apply for the Engineering LLC, students must have an ACT composite score of 24 or higher (SAT New-1160; SAT Old-1090). Please review the 2023-2024 Living Learning Community Expectations.

Required Majors

Students in this LLC must be an Engineering major and may not change their major during the academic year.

Course Connections

Engineering LLC students will take the following classes together:

Fall:  UNIV 100 - Freshman Seminar (view the LLC Learning Objectives for UNIV 100)
Fall:  HIST selected by OFYE

Do not schedule these classes in the fall.
Spring:  ECON 300 - Fundamentals of Economics
Spring:  BIOL 121 - Biological Principles and Issues I OR BIOL 110 - Fundamentals of Biology I

Events and Programs

  • Puzzles program
  • Paintball
  • Internet history and its effects on modern culture
  • Get Involved with Engineering Organizations
  • Co-op and Intern Panel
  • Tailgating for First Football Game
  • Career Fair  
  • Field Trips to Begnaud’s Manufacturing, Frank’s International, Noble Plastics, and CLECO
  • Tour LAGCOE
  • Semester Celebration
  • Interviewing Tips for Internships and Jobs

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