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Business Secrets Living Learning Community

If you want to know more about how a business works, how to run a business, or how to start one, then this LLC is for you. Established on the principles of support, connection and community, the Business Secrets LLC is designed to introduce the world of business to students from all academic disciplines. In addition to sharing classes and living together, students will strengthen their education through a variety of learning experiences offered at academic and social events sponsored by the B.I. Moody III Moody College of Business Administration. Business principles apply to any career choice, and by joining this LLC, students will gain business insights that can serve as a great foundation for any career.

Entrance Requirements

There is no ACT requirement for this LLC. Please review the Living Learning Community Expectations.

Required Majors

This LLC is open to all majors.

Course Connections

Business Secrets LLC students will take the following classes together:

Fall:  UNIV 100 - Freshman Seminar 
Fall:  HIST Selected by OFYE
Do not schedule an Art elective in the fall.

Spring:  MUS 104 - Music Appreciation: History of American Popular Music

Events and Programs

Business Secrets LLC

Entrepreneurship Speaker Series. and Workshops

Business Pop up Shops