Freshman are welcomed with a twist (and shout).

Soul Camp ignites the Ragin' Cajun spirit in our incoming freshman by giving our students an opportunity to forge bonds of friendship while learning to adapt to their new home—in a familiar camp-like setting.

We're all about WIN.

Take advantage of everything UL Lafayette has to offer. Join your fellow freshmen at Cajun Connection and catch the Ragin' Cajun spirit.

Learn the Ropes

Life at college isn't all fun and games. That's why we have UNIV 100, a course to teach you how to be the best student you can be—while still getting your laundry clean, watching your budget, and, most importantly, managing your time and studies.

Pride is More Than a State of Mind

New Student Orientation teaches you how to navigate the University's many levels, instills our unique Cajun spirit, and strives to put you on the road to academic triumph. Can you feel the Ragin' Cajun pride?

Explore. Engage. Excel.

Freshman year is huge—for many of you it will be the first time to spend an extended time away from family and friends, which can be exhilarating or stomach-churning, sometimes both in alternating succession. The Office of the First-Year Experience is here to help you start your new life as a university student off right!

The Cajun culture is famous for its welcoming spirit and our mission is nothing short of making UL Lafayette feel like home. We have lots of events planned for you to help introduce you to your new classmates, the campus, and the best our colorful region has to offer. You'll be basking in the Louisiana sunshine and navigating the pronunciation of Hebrard Street tout de suite. (It's pronounced Hee-brard) and that's French for 'right now,' cher.

Don't think that we're here just for the warm and fuzzies, though—our office is dedicated to providing all our first-time freshman with the tools you need to succeed academically. We'll get you started during orientation and then we are there to help you stay on track all year.