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UNIV 100 Catalog - Fall 2018

Fall 2018 Catalog Coming Soon!

UNIV 100 courses for the Fall 2018 semester are organized into themes and then by topic. We recommend that you browse this catalog, clicking on the course topic for a description of the section. Note those section numbers that interest you and fit your schedule.

You can find out if a course section has open seats by searching the current schedule of classes on ULink.

All sections beginning with an H (e.g. H01, H20) are designated as Honors sections. Read more about Honors sections.

Looking for information about special or restricted sections? Special / Restricted Sections

Don't know where your course is located? View a list of building names and codes. You can locate your room on the main campus map or University Commons map.

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Catalog Updated: 3/20/18, 11:45 a.m.

Special / Restricted Sections

Some sections of UNIV 100 have special requirements or are restricted to certain populations. Please note the instructions for each group.

Honors Sections: Honors sections are open to all students, but students in the Honors Program may count any one of these sections of UNIV 100 towards their Honors' curriculum. Classes with section numbers beginning with an H (e.g. H01, H20), are honors section. These sections are distinguished by an emphasis on student-led, active learning, critical thinking, and presentations. Honors LLC students must take an honors section of UNIV 100.

Student Athletes: Student athletes should talk to their academic advisor about UNIV 100. They have likely already put you into a section.

Living Learning Communities other than Honors LLC: These students have already been added to the relevant UNIV 100 section. They may not change their schedule without dropping out of the Living Learning Community (which will change their housing assignment). Students in the Engineering, Nursing, Business, and Travel, Language, and Culture LLCs also have one or two additional courses on their schedules – they are in a cohort program and will need to stay in all of the courses already scheduled for them. If you have a conflict between one of the classes already added to your schedule and something else you need, please work with the LLC Advisor (Dana Bekurs, before making any changes.

Online Section: First-time freshmen in fully online degree programs are required to take this section (X01). There is an additional E-learn course fee ($30/credit hour, $90 in total) associated with registering for the online section of this course. This E-Learn fee is in addition to the UNIV 100 course fee of $95.00. Students who will be attending classes on campus may sign up for the online section (especially recommended if they have a full schedule of classes and cannot find an open section of UNIV 100). However, students who are attending classes on campus should plan to attend the Cajun Connection class day (August 16, 2018) and all students registering for the online section should ensure that they are ready to succeed in an online environment. For more information on online readiness, please refer students to the self-assessment provided by the Office of Distance Learning: . TO ENROLL IN THE ONLINE SECTION, YOU MUST CONTACT THE OFFICE OF FIRST-YEAR EXPERIENCE AT 337-482-6599.