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Fall 2018 UNIV 100 Showcase Projects

Instructor: Kathleen Espinoza, Course: Journey to Lafayette

Category: Humanities  / Social Science

Project Description: Students created interactive electronic displays that highlight information gathered and observations made during field experiences in different parts of Lafayette. The goals of the project were to consider critical elements of Lafayette geography, develop observation skills, and gain an introduction to computer cartography. To view the project scroll along the side panel. Be sure to click words that are underlined or in grey to change the main stage. Also be sure to click points on the maps to read more information about the display.

Journey to Lafayette, by Allyson Deshotels - Project 8

Student Contributor:  Allyson Deshotels

Journey to Lafayette, by Kate Thibodeaux - Project 9

Student Contributor: Kate Thibodeaux

Journey to Lafayette, by David Carriere - Project 10

Student Contributor: David Carriere

Instructor: Jessie Broussard, Course: Self Efficacy

Category: Leadership / Service

Project Description:
1. The student is to read an autobiography of a celebrity of their choice. Then list major problems, obstacles or challenges that this achiever faced as his or her life story unfolded.
2. Analyze the person's life by identifying important factors which led to the achiever's success. Success Fibers are defined as follows:
Ability Nurturance: Person or experience that helped to develop ability or talent.
Ambition Ignition: Person or experience that led to setting and striving for goals
Cardiac reserve: Person or experience that made the achiever feel important or loved
Competency Training: Person or experience that instilled standards of excellence
Insight Dividends:Gains from person or experience that provided in-depth learning
Opportunity Ramrod: Person or experience that destroyed obstacles to success.
Reconstruct: Re-write the outcomes and the ending of the person's life story by describing what could have happened without those factors.

Reconstructing Lives: Remake an Icon - Tiffany Haddish - so you can become one, Project 17

Student Contributor: Jessica Johnson

Reconstructing Lives: Remake an Icon- Kevin Hart- so you can become one, Project 18

Student Contributor: Morgan Wilson

Reconstructing Lives: Remake an Icon - Nelson Mandela - so you can become one, Project 19

Student Contributor: Cherif Seibi

Instructor: Micah Vidrine, Course: Literature as Film

Category: Creative Written Work

Project Description: Inspired by the genres of film and short story, the students explored their creativity to tell a fantastic story using smaller fiction, written from their own mind.

 "Life in Black and White" by Lindsey DeLaughter - Project 23a

 "You Can Stop the Sun" by Whitney Warren - Project 23b

Instructor Disha Acharya, Course: Mysteries, Clues and Whodunits

Category: Creative Written Work

Project Description: The project inspired by the theme of the class on murder and mystery is a short story about two young boys chasing adventures in the summer.

 “Hideaway” by Peyton Shaw - Project 42