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UNIV 100 Instructor Compensation

Adjunct instructors – For our purposes, adjunct instructor is defined as anyone who is not a full-time permanent employee of UL Lafayette and who is hired by the Office of First-Year Experience to teach one or more sections of UNIV 100. One may be an adjunct instructor in two or more departments. Typically, an adjunct instructor may teach no more than five (3-credit hour) courses across all departments in which they are hired.

Full-time UL Lafayette employees – Faculty and staff who are already appointed at UL Lafayette on a full-time basis may apply to teach UNIV 100 as overload (that is, in addition to their customary duties in their primary full-time position and for extra pay). Those teaching UNIV 100 as overload must have the approval of their supervisor(s) (for faculty, both the department head and the dean must approve the overload assignment) and ensure that the overload assignment does not interfere with their primary duties. For staff, alternative arrangements will need to be made with one’s supervisor to make up time spent teaching the course.

In some cases (i.e., when a faculty member does not have a full teaching load in their home department), UNIV 100 will constitute part of the assigned teaching load. This will usually be arranged in conversation between the faculty member, department head/dean, and the Associate Director of the Office of the First-Year Experience (OFYE).

All UNIV 100 instructors hired as adjunct instructor or teaching as overload will be paid according to the following UL Lafayette Fall semester pay scale. At a minimum, instructors must hold a Master's degree. If teaching a themed course, instructors must have a relevant academic and/or work background in that field.

Highest Degree Compensation
Master's degree $2,400
Doctorate/Terminal degree $3,000

Required UNIV 100 Instructor Schedule

  • Attend one required seminar UNIV 100 Instructor Info Session
  • Attend a required lunch meeting hosted by OFYE with your Peer Mentor
  • Cajun Connection, first class meeting of UNIV 100, Thurs. Aug. 22, 2019
  • UNIV 100 First-Year Seminar

Overview of Instructor Expectations

UNIV 100 is a full semester freshman seminar with an additional, first class meeting (Cajun Connection) prior to the start of the semester (in Fall 2019, the first class day for UNIV 100 is Thursday, August 22, 2019). All instructors hired to teach UNIV 100 must be available on August 22, 2019; your class will meet during these hours for introductions, an overview of UNIV 100, orientation to academic life at UL Lafayette, and first-week essentials.

Both new and returning instructors also are required to attend a UNIV 100 training session. During the semester, instructors are also required to participate in attendance and grade-checks as part of the early-warning system for students.


All instructors who are not teaching UNIV 100 as part of their regular workload will receive compensation in four installments beginning in mid-September and continuing through mid-December.