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The Big Event Director Applications

Applications due Monday April 16th

Executive Director

  • Reserve space for executive committee meetings
  • Plan and run executive committee meetings
  • Oversee all procedures day of the event
  • Plan and run “mock” Big Event day
  • Oversee executive committees
  • Committee development – plan social activities for the executive board

Finance Director

  • Create and manage budget
  • Approve spending
  • Oversee all solicitation of donations (t-shirts, water, food, etc) 
  • Make and track deposits into Foundation account for funds raised 
  • Thank you notes, minutes, and assessment surveys

Logistics Director

  • Set-up day of event
  • Reserve all facilities for the day of the event (including Martin Hall)
  • Create rain plan
  • Work with University, Sheriff, and City Police
  • Work with Executive Director for “mock” event
  • Clean up after the event
  • Over volunteers day of The Big Event
  • Oversees registration process of all participants
  • Work with graduate assistant for community service on project site recruitment
  • Matches groups to project sites 
  • Liaison with office of sustainability, office of community service, and any other partnerships with off campus organizations.   

Marketing Director

  • Develop and maintain website
  • Make sure university guidelines are followed for campus advertising
  • Work with Communication and Marketing personnel
  • Create and implement an Action Plan for Recruitment
  • Develop and execute marketing materials for Recruitment
  • Push registration for Big Event at Get on Board Day and other on campus events
  • Develop videos/graphics to promote The Big Event
  • Decides in consultation with Marketing Advisor who will be the official spokesperson for The Big Event

Recruitment Director

  • Contact student organizations in the Spring about participating
  • Work with Marketing Director for Blitz Week
  • Present for Organization Expo at orientation over the Summer
  • Create and implement an Action Plan for Recruitment, including:
    • Coordinate interest meetings
    • Plan and implement recruitment events 

Fundraising Director

  • Manage the monetary donations
  • Write thank you notes to key players in the day and to any donors
  • Gather donations
  • Communicate with Finance Director
  • Govern sponsorship letters and make sure we deliver on what is on the letter to sponsors
  • Oversee flamingo flocking fundraiser

*Duties are subject to change as improvements are made year after year.