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Register for The Big Event being held on March 25, 2023!

Are you registering as a Flock Leader or as an Individual?

Want to register as a team? Great! You can fill out our Flock Registration Form. This form needs to be filled out by a Team Leader, or as we like to call them… Flock Leader! Flocks need to have at least 5 members but should not exceed 10 total members.

Flock leaders should gather the following information before filling out the form:

  • Your flock (team) members (minimum of 5, maximum of 10; if you have more than 10 members, please create a new flock)
    • Be sure to collect:
      • Their ULIDs
      • T-Shirt Sizes
  • Flock Name! Be creative - each flock needs to have a unique name
    • Ex: Campus Cats Team #1, Campus Cats Team #2 (if multiple flocks)
  • A back-up Flock Leader (please choose someone from your current flock members; make sure you verify that they will be comfortable attending a Flock Leader Training and being responsible for check-in day of)
  • Discuss with your flock if you are comfortable traveling outside of the Lafayette city limits for your project site
  • Discuss with your flock if there are any special accommodations needed to volunteer (i.e. allergies, accessibility, etc.)
  • Do you or someone in your flock have access to transportation?

Want to volunteer with The Big Event as an Individual but don't have a team? Great! You can fill out our Individual Volunteer Registration Form. This form should be filled out if you are not volunteering with a flock (team). The Big Event’s leadership team will assign you to a project site and inform you of your Flock Leader (project site leader) prior to the big day!

Flock leader                 Individual

Registration is open until March 6, 2023. 

Liability Waiver

All participants must complete a liability waiver prior to The Big Event in order to participate.