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Flock (Team) Leader Registration is now OPEN until March 2, 2020!

Flock Leaders are responsible for educating their flock members on the details for their project sites the day of The Big Event. Flock Leaders must attend a Flock Leader Training (dates and times in registration). 

Register as a Flock Leader here:

Flock (Team) Member Registration is now OPEN until March 7, 2020!

Flock Members can register as part of a team or "flock" by utilizing their flock name that the Leader designated. If you do not see your Flock Team name appear on the Wufoo form, please fill out "Other" and write the team name below. We are constantly updating the form as Flock Leaders register! Flock Members can also register as "Individual" volunteers. We encourage ALL volunteers!

Register as a Flock Member here:

Dates & Deadlines

Flock Leader Registration: January 15 - March 2

Flock Member Registration: February 3 - March 6