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The Big Event Executive Board

Position Descriptions

The Big Event has an extensive team of 19 total individuals! Please see the below positions and their descriptions. Feel free to contact our advisor, Matika Holmes:, 337-482-6846, for questions. 

Executive Director (ED) - Brooke Davenport 

  • The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing the operations of the executive board. The ED supervises each director and their associated committees to ensure that the work is getting done efficiently and effectively. The ED ensures deadlines are being met, delegates responsibilities, acts as a problem solver and mediator, and supports the entire team. Additionally, the ED is responsible for running board meetings, crafting the agenda, and organizing committee and executive board trainings and retreats.

Event Planning Committee

Director of Event Planning (DEP) – Karessa De La Paz

  • The DEP is responsible for all day-of logistics for The Big Event. The DEP is also responsible for any university reservations, including but not limited to, tabling and room reservations. 
  • The DEP oversees the Assistant Director of Event Planning. 

Assistant Director of Event Planning (ADEP) x2 -  Angel Faulk and Jasmine Jackson

  • The ADEP works to implement the One Big Community Fair for The Big Event and is responsible for assisting with the development of the Opening Ceremony for the day-of The Big Event 
  • Works with various community members, vendors, and nonprofit organizations for the Community Fair for The Big Event 

Fundraising Committee 

Director of Fundraising (DF) – Breanna Florian

  • The DF is responsible for developing and implementing a fundraising plan to reach the goal set by The Big Event executive board. Some examples of fundraisers include: the “flocking” fundraiser, giveback nights at local restaurants, raffles, and more. Additionally, the DF is responsible for managing The Big Event’s crowdfunding campaign through the Foundation.

Assistant Director of Fundraising Events (ADFE) - Dwalana Garner

  • The ADFE is responsible for coordinating small fundraising events, such as local giveback nights.
  • Works with the DF to plan and implement other types of fundraisers, such as raffles, social media fundraisers, etc.

Assistant Director of Flocking Fundraiser (ADFF) - Dylan Rodgers

  • The ADFF works directly with the fall and spring flocking fundraisers. These fundraisers involve university officials, students, and community members. Utilizing The Big Event’s mascot, the flamingo, the flocking fundraisers raise community awareness and funds for The Big Event.

Sponsorship Committee

Director of Sponsorships (DS)- Ayodeji Adeyemo

  • The DS works to obtain in-kind donations and large monetary donations that reach sponsorship level. The DS and DF work very closely together to reach financial goals established by The Big Event executive board.
  • The DS oversees the following position: Assistant Director of Business & In-Kind Donations

Assistant Director of Business & In-Kind Donations (ADBID) - Tia Miller and Bree Landry

  • The ADBID works with the DS to establish relationships with businesses in the Acadiana community who may want to sponsor The Big Event, as well as identify the day-of needs for The Big Event and ensure that those needs are met. Examples of in-kind donations are: water, breakfast (donuts, bagels, baked goods, smoothies), raffle items, etc. (any non-monetary donation)

Strategic Communications Committee 

Director of Strategic Communications (DSC) - Iranna Charles

  • The DSC is responsible for leading the development of strategic communications programs and elevating The Big Event’s profile. Efforts include internal and external brand messaging, development, and management; media relations strategist; development of key messaging; cultivating and creating conversations around volunteerism, service-learning, and sustainability.

Assistant Director of Public Relations (ADPR) - Alex Dufor 

  • The ADPR manages the communications calendar and outreach to news publications such as TV stations, newspapers, and other public relations outlets. The ADPR is responsible for building and maintaining a positive public image for The Big Event.

Assistant Directors of Content Development (ADCD)  - Alexis Isadora 

  • Serves as a graphic designer, photographer, and overall social media ambassador for The Big Event.
  • Develops, designs, and executes marketing materials/promotional items for The Big Event

Training & Service Committee

Director of Training & Service (DTS) - Jasim Ali 

  • The DTP is responsible for coordinating all things service and training. This includes project site recruitment and matching for The Big Event. The DTP is also responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with the Office of Community Service & Sustainability, Americorps, and other nonprofit organizations in the Acadiana community.

Assistant Director of Training (ADT) - Kylee Falcon

  •  The‌ ‌ADT‌ ‌is‌ ‌responsible‌ ‌for‌ ‌working with the DTS to develop‌ ‌and‌ ‌implement‌ ‌the‌ ‌training‌ ‌for‌ ‌Flock‌ ‌Leaders (the “team leaders” for groups of volunteers—otherwise known as “flocks”). The ADT also works with the Office of Community Service & Sustainability to share educational information about zero-waste initiatives, The Big Event’s role in grants for the university, and the environmental impact that The Big Event has on our community
  • Develops educational content for environmental issues including, but not limited to: sustainability, zero-waste, environmental justice, flooding, and wetland preservation
  • Serves as a liaison for the zero-waste initiative on campus for The Big Event - including assisting in the messaging and branding of the “beneficial beautification” project sites for The Big Event

Assistant Director of Community Service (ADCS) - Sean Myers

  • The ADCS works to establish relationships with various nonprofit organizations in the Acadiana community, collaborates with the Office of Community Service & Sustainability to ensure university guidelines are being met for project site recruitment, as well as planning and implementing service projects for The Big Event executive board. 
  • Works with nonprofit organizations to recruit project sites for The Big Event and to share volunteer opportunities with UL Lafayette students

Volunteer Recruitment Committee 

Director of Volunteer Recruitment (DVR) -  Ayush Deshpande and Jasmine Broussard

  • The Director of Volunteer Recruitment is responsible for the promotion of The Big Event and its recruitment of students, staff, and faculty that will make-up the day-of volunteers. The DVR oversees and manages a group of Assistant to ensure campus-wide knowledge of The Big Event

Assistant Director of Student Organization Recruitment (ADSOR) - Jemerica Jordan 

  • Plans and implements recruitment based events and outreach to student organizations
  • Corresponds with each organizations’ philanthropy, service, and volunteerism positions and/or encourage volunteerism within those organizations