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The Big Event Executive Board

Position Descriptions

The Big Event has an extensive team of 19 total individuals! Please see the below positions and their descriptions. Feel free to contact our advisor, Dr. Beth Giroir:, 337-482-6599, for questions. 

Executive Director (ED) - Olivia Guidry

  • The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing the operations of the executive board. The ED supervises each director and their associated committees to ensure that the work is getting done efficiently and effectively. The ED ensures deadlines are being met, delegates responsibilities, acts as a problem solver and mediator, and supports the entire team. Additionally, the ED is responsible for running board meetings, crafting the agenda, and organizing committee and executive board trainings and retreats.


  • Provides the vision for the year and leads The Big Event executive board
  • Oversees the design, ordering, and distribution of executive board apparel
  • Makes reservations for committee meetings/retreats/events
  • Oversees all procedures on the day of The Big Event
  • Oversees board selection, reveal, and retreat
  • Corresponds and tracks finances for The Big EventTracks all incoming and outgoing expenses

Event Planning Committee

Director of Event Planning (DEP) – Alexis Stackhouse

  • The DEP is responsible for all day-of logistics for The Big Event. The DEP is also responsible for any university reservations, including but not limited to, tabling and room reservations. 
  • The DEP oversees the Assistant Director of Event Plannining


  • Oversees all operations on the day-of The Big Event including:
  •  Contacting and booking the DJ and entertainment
  •  Working with University Police, City Police, and Parking & Transportation Services 
  •  Creates a vision for the One Big Community Fair following The Big Event 
  • Collaborates with the DF and DS for refreshment donations and purchases for day-of The Big Event
  •  Oversees SWAT teams for the day-of The Big Event 
  • Works with the Director of Training and Service to check project sites and know the participants assignments/details for the Day of The Big Event
  • Problem solve conflicts and emergency situations during The Big Event 
  • Reserves all tabling and room reservations throughout the year 

Assistant Director of Event Planning (ADEP) - Terence Toomer 

  • The ADEP works to implement the One Big Community Fair for The Big Event and is responsible for assisting with the development of the Opening Ceremony for the day-of The Big Event 
  • Works with various community members, vendors, and nonprofit organizations for the Community Fair for The Big Event 
  • Works with the Director of Training and Service to figure out organizations to highlight for the Community Fair  
  • Plans and implements entertainment for any format for the Community Fair (ex. Social media posts designs  
  • Works with the ADPR to develop Opening Ceremony script, choosing the guest speakers, and entertainment. 
  • Corresponds with various student organizations and entertainment groups such as spirit squad (cheerleading & ragin’ jazz), Infinity Dance Group, and Phi Mu Alpha,  
  • Serves as the liaison and contact for all Opening Ceremony special guests (including President Savoie, Dr. Yarbrough - the Dean of Community Service, and local government members) 
  • Works with other assistant directors as needed (ex. AD of Volunteer recruitment for blitz week, etc)  
  • Creates the Duties Checklist for the Day of Big Event  
  • Works with DEP to coordinate tasks during the week of The Big Event  

Fundraising Committee 

Director of Fundraising (DF) – Breanna Jenkins

  • The DF is responsible for developing and implementing a fundraising plan to reach the goal set by The Big Event executive board. Some examples of fundraisers include: the “flocking” fundraiser, giveback nights at local restaurants, raffles, and more. Additionally, the DF is responsible for managing The Big Event’s crowdfunding campaign through the Foundation.
  • The DF oversees the following positions: 
  • Assistant Director of Fundraising Events
  • Assistant Director of Flocking Fundraiser 


  • Plans and oversees all fundraisers and fundraising committee
  • Coordinates and assists with the implementation of the annual flocking fundraiser
  • Works with Director of Sponsorships to draft Individual component of Sponsorship letter

Assistant Director of Fundraising Events (ADFE) - Averie Johnson

  • The ADFE is responsible for coordinating small fundraising events, such as local giveback nights.
  • The ADFE works closely with the DF to implement events throughout the year.
  • Assists with the promotion of the crowdfunding campaign in the community
  • Works with the DF to plan and implement other types of fundraisers, such as raffles, social media fundraisers, etc.

Assistant Director of Flocking Fundraiser (ADFF) - Brooke DavenPort

  • The ADFF works directly with the fall and spring flocking fundraisers. These fundraisers involve university officials, students, and community members. Utilizing The Big Event’s mascot, the flamingo, the flocking fundraisers raise community awareness and funds for The Big Event.
  • Plan timeline and implementation strategy for fall & spring flocking fundraisers
  • Plan and implement a campus-wide flocking initiative in the fall, such as within UNIV classes, between university departments, etc.
  • Take inventory and order new flamingos for annual flocking fundraiser
  • Designs yard signs for annual flocking fundraiser
  • Coordinate executive board and committee schedules/sign-ups for flocking fundraiser

All three positions on the Fundraising Committee will have the following responsibilities: 

  • Reach out to local community members for sponsorship level donations
  • Collaborate with the Foundation and the Alumni Association for large monetary donations from single individuals (not businesses)
  • Maintain relationships with individual donors and keeps track of all sponsorships and monetary donations in coordination with the ED and DS

Sponsorship Committee

Director of Sponsorships (DS)- Makayla Wilkerson 

  • The DS works to obtain in-kind donations and large monetary donations that reach sponsorship level. The DS and DF work very closely together to reach financial goals established by The Big Event executive board.
  • The DS oversees the following position: Assistant Director of Business & In-Kind Donations


  • Governs sponsorship letter including editing and making appropriate changes each year
  • Additionally ensures that The Big Event delivers what is stated within the sponsorship letter
  • Works with Director of Fundraising & Director of Alumni Stewardship to maintain relationships with sponsors through thank-you notes, phone calls, incentives, and other forms of recognition
  • Identifies in-kind needs for The Big Event and establishes and implements a plan for obtaining those necessary donations
  • Manages all sponsorship data, including maintaining the sponsorship database

Assistant Dorector of Business & In-Kind Donations (ADBID) - Tia Miller 

  • The ADBID works with the DS to establish relationships with businesses in the Acadiana community who may want to sponsor The Big Event, as well as identify the day-of needs for The Big Event and ensure that those needs are met. Examples of in-kind donations are: water, breakfast (donuts, bagels, baked goods, smoothies), raffle items, etc. (any non-monetary donation)
  • Reaches out to local businesses to gather sponsorships for The Big Event
  • Tracks all sponsorships and works with the ED and DS to keep an inventory of the monetary donations
  • Assists in maintaining relationships with sponsors through thank-you notes, phone calls, and other forms of recognition
  • Reach out to various businesses to provide in-kind donations
  • Track all in-kind donations and work with the ED and DS to monetize those donations for tax records
  • Coordinate in-kind donation drop-offs for day-of

Strategic Communications Committee 

Director of Strategic Communications (DSC) - Eseosa Imade 

  • The DSC is responsible for leading the development of strategic communications programs and elevating The Big Event’s profile. Efforts include internal and external brand messaging, development, and management; media relations strategist; development of key messaging; cultivating and creating conversations around volunteerism, service-learning, and sustainability.
  • The DSC oversees the following positions: Videography Specialist, Associate Videographer, Assistant Director(s) of Content Development, and Assistant Director of Public Relations


  • Leads the strategic development of communications programs and elevates The Big Event’s profile in coordination with the Assistant Director of Public Relations (ADPR)
  • Develops a consistent internal and external brand messaging strategy that is reflected across all products, communications, and events; serves as The Big Event’s brand ambassador, ensuring that all committees adhere to brand guidelines - including verbiage and language use
  • Serves as chief media strategist and The Big Event’s spokesperson (or identifies spokesperson)
  • Responsible for identifying and building relationships with new and existing editors, reporters, producers, bloggers, and other media personnel to increase media coverage
  • Coordinates media coverage team for the day-of The Big Event
  • Creates digital content and media in coordination with the Assistance Director of Content Development (ADCD)
  • Researchers trends based on data and develops strategic initiatives to involve various audiences

Videography Specialist (VS) -Ayush Deshpande 

  • Consults with the Director or Assistant Director in need of a video 
  • Responsible for planning, editing, and executing videos needed by various members of the Executive Board

Associate Videographer (AV) - Vacant 

  • Responsible for collecting footage/content needed for development of various videos for The Big Event Executive Board
  • Responsible for the use, management, and transportation of videography equipment
  • Follows Videography Specialist’s vision/script when capturing content for video

Assistant Director of Public Relations (ADPR) - Grace Payton 

  • The ADPR manages the communications calendar and outreach to news publications such as TV stations, newspapers, and other public relations outlets. The ADPR is responsible for building and maintaining a positive public image for The Big Event.
  • Responsible for building and maintaining a positive public image for The Big Event.
  • Responds to requests for information releases or press conferences from the media
  • Designates a spokesperson for The Big Event
  • Writes press releases and other media communications to promote The Big Event
  • Assists the Event Planning Director with The Big Event opening ceremony script
  • Works with the Director of Strategic Communications to make edits to The Big Event’s website

Assistant Directors of Content Development (ADCD) x2 - Vacant 

  • Serves as a graphic designer, photographer, and overall social media ambassador for The Big Event.
  • Develops, designs, and executes marketing materials/promotional items for The Big Event
  • Promotional items (buttons, sustainable flyers, reusable bags, etc.)
  • Edits and maintains website and social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat)
  • Coordinates board photos and headshots
  • Creates digital content such as photography, flyers, social media posts, and more

Training & Service Committee

Director of Training & Service (DTS) - Cameron Rosen 

  • The DTP is responsible for coordinating all things service and training. This includes project site recruitment and matching for The Big Event. The DTP is also responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with the Office of Community Service & Sustainability, Americorps, and other nonprofit organizations in the Acadiana community.
  • The DTS oversees the following positions: Assistant Director of Training and Assistant Director of Community Service 


  • Collaborates with the Office of Community Service & Sustainability by working with their Graduate Assistant to recruit project sites for the day-of The Big Event
  • Oversees all flock (volunteer groups) matching by ensuring appropriate project sites based on interest and quantity of flock participants
  • Plans and implements Flock Leader Training in coordination with the Assistant Director of Training (ADT)
  • Liaisons with various nonprofit organizations in the Acadiana area to provide a comprehensive list of service opportunities for UL Lafayette students
  • Plans and implements executive board service projects and assists with executive board training in coordination with the Executive Director (ED)
  • Often collaborating with Americorps and other service-based student organizations
  • Works with the ADEP to figure out organizations to highlight for Community Fair

Assistant Director of Training (ADT) - Braleigh Simon 

  •  The‌ ‌ADT‌ ‌is‌ ‌responsible‌ ‌for‌ ‌working with the DTS to develop‌ ‌and‌ ‌implement‌ ‌the‌ ‌training‌ ‌for‌ ‌Flock‌ ‌Leaders (the “team leaders” for groups of volunteers—otherwise known as “flocks”). The ADT also works with the Office of Community Service & Sustainability to share educational information about zero-waste initiatives, The Big Event’s role in grants for the university, and the environmental impact that The Big Event has on our community
  • Develops educational content for environmental issues including, but not limited to: sustainability, zero-waste, environmental justice, flooding, and wetland preservation
  • Serves as a liaison for the zero-waste initiative on campus for The Big Event - including assisting in the messaging and branding of the “beneficial beautification” project sites for The Big Event
  • Ensures sustainable efforts are being made in promotional product design, opening ceremony, and other events throughout the year
  • Serves as a secondary liaison with the Director of Sustainability (Gretchen Vanicor)
  • Plans,‌ ‌implements,‌ ‌and‌ ‌develops‌ ‌learning‌ ‌outcomes‌ ‌for‌ ‌the‌ ‌Flock‌ ‌Leader‌ ‌Training‌ ‌
  • Works‌ ‌with‌ ‌the‌ ‌DEP‌ ‌to‌ ‌reserve‌ ‌training‌ ‌space‌ ‌and‌ ‌logistical‌ ‌information‌ concerning‌ ‌the‌ ‌day-of‌ ‌The‌ ‌Big‌ ‌Event‌ ‌
  • Creates‌ ‌all‌ ‌training‌ ‌content‌ ‌for‌ ‌the‌ ‌Flock‌ ‌Leader‌ ‌Training‌ 
  • Helps Executive Director coordinate professional development training for the board
  • Works with DEP to check project sites and know the participants’ assignments/details for The Big Event; sends project-matching document to Event Planning & Strategic Communications

Assistant Director of Community Service (ADCS) - Sasha Rudd 

  • The ADCS works to establish relationships with various nonprofit organizations in the Acadiana community, collaborates with the Office of Community Service & Sustainability to ensure university guidelines are being met for project site recruitment, as well as planning and implementing service projects for The Big Event executive board. 
  • Works with nonprofit organizations to recruit project sites for The Big Event and to share volunteer opportunities with UL Lafayette students
  • Maintains a database in collaboration with the Office of Community Service & Sustainability on nonprofit organizations associated volunteer events
  • Shares information regarding the Big Event, crowdfunding campaign, and more with nonprofit organizations
  • Selects organizations for nonprofit spotlights
  • Plans and implements executive board days-of-service
  • Serves as a liaison with Americorps and other service-based student organizations
  • Develops post-Big Event survey

Volunteer Recruitment Committee 

Director of Volunteer Recruitment (DVR) - Destiny Broussard 

  • The Director of Volunteer Recruitment is responsible for the promotion of The Big Event and its recruitment of students, staff, and faculty that will make-up the day-of volunteers. The DVR oversees and manages a group of Assistant to ensure campus-wide knowledge of The Big Event. 
  • The DRD oversees the following positions: Assistant Director of Academic Recruitment, Assistant Director of Student Organization Recruitment 


  • Develops the overarching recruitment plan and strategy
  • Oversees all Assistant Directors of Recruitment and their various outreach plans
  • Coordinates and organizations volunteer registration drives and events
  • Organizes “Blitz Week,” the awareness campaign and it’s associated events
  • Coordinates tabling for the year, including the distribution of promotional items
  • Collaborates with Executive Director to create volunteer registration form
  • Manages and monitors volunteer registration and communicates to the Director of Training and Service for site matching
  • Serves as hospitality to guests on the day of The Big Event
  • Responsible for awarding Golden Flamingos to their respective flock leaders

Assistant Director of Academic Recruitment (ADAR) - Chrysta Porter 

  • Plans and implements recruitment based events and outreach to first-year students by partnering with UNIV100, Living Learning Communities (LLCs), the Peer Mentor Program, and other freshmen programs and events
  • Establishes ambassadors in UNIV100 classes, Honors Program, UL LIFE, and Louisiana Educate to influence Flock Leader registration
  • Works with Dr. Yarborough to determine which professors/classes would be interested in participating in The Big Event
  • Reaches out to Housing & Residential Life before the start of the spring semester to develop programming for campus residents and get them interested in participating in The Big Event

Assistant Director of Student Organization Recruitment (ADSOR) - Ashanti Ned 

  • Plans and implements recruitment based events and outreach to student organizations
  • Corresponds with each organizations’ philanthropy, service, and volunteerism positions and/or encourage volunteerism within those organizations
  • Establishes ambassadors for each organization and influence Flock Leader registration
  • Work with Assistant Director of Training to be well-versed in Flock Leader Training in case volunteers have questions
  • ***All 3 members of Volunteer Recruitment should be willing to learn the basics of Canva software to assist Strategic Communications in creating recruitment graphics and content

Director of Alumni Stewardship (DAS) - Alexandra Dufour 

  • Coordinates The Big Event alumni events, including the creation of an Alumni Flock for the day-of The Big Event
  • Establishes and builds relationships with university alumni association
  • Collaborates with the Alumni Association in its various Development efforts and events
  • Maintain open relationships with leaders of The Big Event in years past
  • Collaborate with the Executive Director
  • Responsible for sending Big Event updates/newsletter to alumni

Secretary - Gabrielle Musco 

  • Responsible for taking minutes at director/all executive board meetings and sending out minutes & appropriate resources to all board members
  • Takes attendance at director/all executive board meetings and informs Executive Director of absences
  • Collaborates with Directors to obtain data and information for semesterly Big Event newsletter – one in November (before Thanksgiving) and one in April (after The Big Event)
  • Works with Strategic Communications to obtain graphics for newsletter
  • Work with Training & Service for community spotlight of the board’s service project